The Ultimate Guide to What DDP Yoga Could Do For You!

DDP Yoga has done so much for me that it’s hard to put it all in one post. So I am cheating and presenting an omnibus of posts instead! Click on a picture to see one of the many ways DDP Yoga can improve your life!

What will DDP Yoga do for you?

Fix your mental health?


Fix your physical health?


Fix your chronic pain?sore_knee

Fix Your Career?


Prevent future injuries and stiffness?


Make you drop an amazing amount of weight in 90 days?


Let you wear all the clothes in your wardrobe…


…or require you to buy a new one?


Give you a nice big novelty cheque?


Help you develop balance like never before?


Fix your skin?


Let you turn fitness into a career?


Let you find your passion for helping others?


Let you exceed your goals?


Earn a cool new tattoo?


Or improve your math skills?


(Okay, so it’s probably not going to help with your math skills!)


Maybe it will improve your motivation?

What do you want from DDP Yoga?

ABPF (Always Be Paying it Forward)

This morning, my client let me know she was going to be about 30 minutes late. That gave me about an hour to sit down and put together my 10 Tips For Losing Weight post that I am working on.

However, as is my terrible habit, I checked Facebook before I got going. After seeing all my notifications, I wandered over to the DDP Yoga group. I stumbled onto a conversation in which someone had simply posted, “I wish i can afford ddp yoga.” I skimmed through the comments, which mostly centered around pointing the original poster in the direction of free yoga resources, or explaining that DDP Yoga can be purchased in installments.

I added my two cents, pointing the poster in the direction of Do Yoga With Me, a fantastic online yoga resource. While classical yoga isn’t my thing, I love that this website features full-length, high-quality videos with certified yoga instructors as well as short tutorials for certain poses. I sometimes use their videos when I want to stretch or meditate but don’t need the heavy cardio of DDP Yoga (usually because I have just done my DDP Yoga!)

After I posted, I read a couple more comments and noticed that someone had suggested chipping in and buying the set. Shortly after that, another person bought the Max Pack outright! There were a lot of people congratulating the generosity, as well as others still replying to the original post. In amongst them, a lady named Maria posted, “I wanted to get the program too but finances won’t even allow me to split the payments up. It’s my luck I suppose. Lol. I’m so broke I can’t even pay attention. Good luck on your journey sweetie. Love ya”

So, a flash of excitement came across me and I posted, “Did we all see Maria’s post, wanna make this a two-fer?” Within seconds, I had replies pledging money, so I pitched in with 3 other people and collected money to my PayPal, and purchased the Max Pack for her. The fact that we bought 2 Max Packs for people was already exciting enough, but then someone posted about a man they knew who could benefit from a similar act of kindness, and minutes later, we heard about another lady who would be helped immensely by DDP Yoga, but couldn’t afford it. Within minutes I was able to collect the funds for 2 more Max Packs, and after pestering people to send me the pertinent mailing info, I ordered the DVDs for them. I ended up paying the shipping on all the orders, but it was a small price to pay for knowing the positive impact that is currently winging its way to deserving people.

The whole thing was a shining example of what DDP Yoga is, and the kind of people who are in TeamDDP. We are a family, and we think nothing of helping one another. DDP Yoga has taught us that we need to support one another, and that we will all be more successful when we band together and take care of each other. Those lessons have obviously be well-learnt, because when we are confronted with someone who needs support, be it in the form of financial assistance, advice, compassion, or any other resource that person needs. It’s not even a question, it’s as involuntary a reaction in us as having your knee swing up when the doctor bangs it with that little triangular hammer!

The people who received the DVDs were more grateful than I could have anticipated. This conversation epitomizes the reaction of our new teammates:

Recipient: I’m so overwhelmed about all this. Y’all didn’t have to do it.
Me: Yeah, we did… That’s what teamDDP is all about. Welcome to the family!
Recipient: Thanks sweetie!!
And the generosity spread beyond the 4 initial Max Packs.  I found out that a heart rate monitor had been purchased for Maria by another member, and someone else bought a DVD player for another user. In addition, I wandered away from the computer for a couple of hours and came back to find I had more donations. I solicited a few this morning, and we have ordered a fifth Max Pack for a young mother and her husband. But why stop there? Together with four other contributors, we have set up a formal DDP Yoga Hardship Fund. We are collecting donations for people who need the positive impact of DDP Yoga, but who can’t afford it. The donations will be used for DVD purchases, and sending USPS labels to those who want to ship old HRMs or other equipments to deserving recipients.
I am so proud to be a member of TeamDDP. The meaning of team keeps growing and becoming more and more awesome, and I am being made a better person in so many different ways, most I which I never would have dreamt of when I was placing my order for my very own Max Pack!
In response to this momentum, I posted that we are dispensing with Throwback Thursday. Looking back is anathema to DDP Yoga. We are the group that coined the phrase ABMF: Always Be Moving Forward. Well, now it has evolved: ABPF. Always be paying it forward.
Photo on 5-8-14 at 10.22 AM #2 12.44.17 PM

If you wish to donate, please click here!


What DDP Yoga Really Means To Me

I have written pretty extensively on this website about what DDP Yoga has done for me in terms of weight loss, strength-building, flexibility, mastering poses, etc. etc. One facet of improvement that I haven’t been so forthcoming on is the improvement to my mental health, but I think it’s about time I document this in the hopes that it can help others.

From the age of 12 into my mid-twenties, I struggled with eating disorders, mostly bulimia. On a superficial level, I was bulimic in an effort to get to some ideal weight goal or body shape I had in my mind. Ironically, despite the purging of food, there was no overall reduction in weight. But as with all eating disorders, there’s an underlying control issue. The physical act of purging food was enjoyable on some really strange level and was a (wildly detrimental) way of venting. Just to be clear, I am not promoting bulimia as a stress-control method! What little relief comes from emptying your stomach contents is not worth the expense to your mental and physical health. Sadly, I lacked that insight as a 12-year-old and so I became an eating disorder statistic.

To this day, I am not sure why I developed an eating disorder. I don’t know if there was a clear-cut cause, or if it’s just “one of those things.” The reason I never nailed down the source of the problem is that I never went through any eating disorder-specific therapy or rehab. My parents sent me to a general psychologist when they found out I was having problems early in my teens, but I didn’t go for very long, probably because I wasn’t ready for counselling at that point. Instead of ever addressing any issues, I simply became more careful to hide my behaviour. Over the years, I wasn’t consistently bulimic; it was more of an on-off behaviour with me, so much so that I almost felt like an impostor referring to myself as bulimic, as if I were disrespecting the “real” bulimics who were more committed to it (this is probably a prime example of denial)! But I was 100% ON when it came to having the personality that would develop an eating disorder. I was completely dysmorphic in my body image, I had low self-esteem and I never addressed the underlying reasons for those problems.

Somewhere in my twenties, I just sort of stopped. For now apparent reason, I outgrew the behaviour of purging. Note, I didn’t say I outgrew the “binging and purging” habit, just the purging. I didn’t cease purging because of some break-through in therapy; there was no therapy. I just stopped sticking my fingers down my throat until food came up. I still had all the inner demons and issues that lead to the eating disorder. I certainly kept the binging part going, and continued through to my thirties with an extremely unhealthy relationship with food. Where I had previously exerted “control” over food, I now descended into a complete loss of control with food. The rest as they say, is history. I shot up to almost 200 lbs, and became unhealthy and depressed.

In both my controlling “binging and purging” and completely uncontrolled “overeating” phases, I had a negative body image, low self-esteem, unhealthy relationship with food, and other personality problems that come with those issues. I am focusing on the mental effects of eating disorders here, but I obviously suffered all the physical ailments that come with being either bulimic or an overeater too.

When I started DDP Yoga, I did so with purely physical goals in mind: pain reduction, weight loss, improved flexibility. I didn’t have any expectation that DDP Yoga would alleviate my depression, mainly because I didn’t know I was depressed – it’s surprisingly difficult to realise you are depressed in the middle of it, you only realise you were depressed after the fact. Similarly, I didn’t I expect DDP Yoga to fix my body image, my relationship with food, or any other mental health issue I landed on its doorstep with. Why would I? It wasn’t sold to me as a mechanism to do any of those things. I was sold a workout system that would help me lose weight and improve my strength, and that’s what I hoped it would do.

DDP Yoga certainly delivered on those promises! As I have written about (extensively) before, DDP Yoga got me to a healthy weight, with an athletic body fat percentage, and enabled me to achieve many feats of strength and flexibility that I had never dreamt of before. Through some combination of the cardio and strength-building from the DDP Yoga workouts, and the healthy eating from the DDP Yoga nutrition plan gave me a healthy, strong body.

But DDP Yoga did more than that. After reaching my goal weight, and maintaining that weight for a number of months, some thing really amazing happened. For the first time in my life, I stopped caring about my weight, or any physical measurements for that matter. I realised that I had made peace with my body. I now feel united with my body, where once it had been an enemy that I battled with, and I fought dirty. Now, I am motivated by a desire to make my body healthy and strong. I respect my body and I want to treat it as well as possible for my long term health. When I am trying to get something out of my body these days, it’s on the order of mastering a new Yoga pose, or completing a feat like a full marathon. I am not trying to bow to some societal pressure like getting a “thigh gap” or hitting some arbitrary number on a scale. In fact, because of marathon training, I recently gained a few pounds, and I was delighted, because I know that weight went on as muscle and it means I am getting strong enough to run a full marathon.

I am not at the summit of perfect mental health. I still struggle with overeating and sugar-addiction, but that is now purely a physical issue. What I mean by that is that I will eat my way to the bottom of a packet of gluten-free, vegan cookies because sugar is more physically addictive than heroine. But I am not eating my way there in some vain attempt to find love or fill some empty part within myself. I have love, and that love comes from within. I love myself and I love my body. I am happy and I want to continue to get strong, inside and out. I will address my sweet tooth in an effort to be healthy. But that’s all it is now: a garden-variety sweet tooth. I am no longer bulimic. I never again will be bulimic. Nor am I depressed, or unfulfilled, or suffering from body dysmorphia.

I don’t know what about DDP Yoga worked for me where other exercise systems, school counsellors or psychologists failed before. I know I have enjoyed the fact that DDP Yoga is fun, effective and challenging. I have felt so grateful for the fact that DDP is unique in how genuine he is, and how legitimately concerned he is with the health, well-being and success of those that do DDP Radio beyond just getting us to buy his program. I have certainly been honoured by receiving praise from DDP from shout-outs on DDP Yoga all the way to winning the DDP Yoga challenge, and the trust that has been placed in me as a representative of DDP Yoga. I know my physical goals were met because of the completeness of the DDP Yoga exercise and nutrition package, and from a connectedness to the community at Somewhere in there is the magic that led me to exorcise my inner demons and fix my mental health once and for all, but I don’t know what specifically accomplished it. But it was accomplished. And for that, from the bottom of my increasingly strong heart, I will be forever grateful to DDP, Craig Aaron and everyone else who has made DDP Yoga what it is.

Thank you.




Two in Seven Billion

Christina is an amazing person. She has come from a harrowing loss and depression, and gone on to own her life, reach her weight goals, inspire others, and become a very important member of, while also being a wonderful mother, wife and friend. It was both an honour and a shock to co-win the 2014 DDP Yoga Challenge with her. To be honest, I feel a little undeserving of being held up alongside her.

But the fun hasn’t stopped there. Christina and I found out a couple of weeks ago that we are the first ever female certified DDP Yoga instructors!!!


T-shirt slogans: Slightly more reputable than Wikipedia.

In other words, I went from this:

How do you like the new advertising campaign?

to this:

To mark our joint achievements, I thought I would do what Christina and I do best: inject some humour into the situation.  On the DDP Yoga trailblazers Facebook group, we came up with a funny list of effects that training for the certification has on your life. Here it is:

  1. You can’t do the regular workouts without instinctively mirroring the movements AND/OR your sense of left and right is completely messed up now!
  2. You find yourself pulling your adductors together and squeezing your glutes while queuing at the store.
  3. You always go from Touchdown to Huddle Up when doing the regular workouts, instead of folding forward like you’re meant to.
  4. You totally thought it was “Hulk it OUT”…. oops!
  5. Your friends and family are sick of you referencing what you heard on DDP Radio, and you rebut their claims that you’ve “really drunk the Kool-Aid” by pointing out that Kool-Aid would never be allowed in Phase III.
  6. Waiting in a doctor’s office or an airport is torture… Look at all that open space where I could really get in a great DDP Yoga session!
  7. You feel genuine pity for any friend that speaks enthusiastically about a non-DDP Yoga exercise program. They just don’t know any better!
  8. You can’t make it through a single day without at least one Diamond Cutter thrown in for good measure, even on rest days.
  9. You have developed a new handshake, fingers spread wide and engaged!734516_10153583893430411_345874729_n
  10. If you see someone slouching, you have the urge to run them through entire ignition phase.
  11. (For Men) MsN has ruined missionary position!
  12. You know the words to every workout… backwards.
  13. You literally can’t wait to be really old! Lower target HR? Awwww yeaahh!
  14. You totally kicked ass doing your DDP Yoga today!

Okay, so maybe it’s only funny if you’re training to get certified.

If there’s one thing DDP Yoga it excels at, it’s having a sense of humour:

Screen shot 2014-02-19 at 18.51.09

Currently located on the mantlepiece by the big cheque!
Currently displayed on my mantlepiece by the big cheque!


This Is What It’s All About!

If you were wondering why I keep this blog, here it is:

Screen shot 2014-02-19 at 19.01.02

There is nothing more inspiring than knowing you have inspired those around you, especially when you’re inspiring them to start something that’s so positive and life-changing! I think DDP referred to it as the “Circle of Inspiration.” I’m so thankful for the ever-increasing number of Facebook friends that are joining me on this journey.

Gratitude II: Inspiring The Inspired.

I’ve written extensively about how DDP yoga is the real deal, and how it’s the only thing that’s ever worked for me, so I’m not going to reiterate that here. I will just say that I am loving my life thanks to DDP yoga. I have so much enthusiasm and passion to share this system with other people for no other reason than I want other people to experience the same joy, satisfaction and health that I have received.

That goal drove my decision to set up this blog. I have never been one to draw attention to myself or self-aggrandize, but I know that saying, “Hey, look what I can do now!” is a great way to inspire people to check out DDP Yoga. I also post about my experiences and achievements with DDP Yoga on Facebook and Twitter and an effort to spread the good word, and as my mother will attest one from her recent visit, in person I talk incessantly about the benefits of DDP Yoga and how amazing DDP is. I put all I can think of out there, and then I get on with my DDP Yoga. I hope people take it on board, but I don’t give it too much thought once it’s out there. It was so recently I was a hopeless failure that I don’t truly comprehend that I could be a success story or an inspiration to others. And that’s likely a good thing. I don’t want to get complacent, and I prefer being on the humble side of the ego scale. Besides, I am usually too busy having my ass kicked by Double Black Diamond or the Extreme Psycho Workout to sit around wondering if people on Facebook or Twitter are adequately impressed by my achievements!

However, it has warmed my heart to have people come to me to ask about DDP Yoga. Recently I’ve been thrilled to being contacted by numerous friends from my non-DDP Yoga life, including an ex-roommate, a friend from grad school, two women from my prenatal class, an ex-boyfriend and my husband’s childhood friend, for information about DDP Yoga. Each time, I have been delighted to take the time to respond with way more information than I was asked for in an overly enthusiastic effort to seize on that opportunity to help them get into the system. I have been told time and time again by people that I’ve that I know in my personal life as well as strangers to contact me through teamDDPyoga or on my website that I am an inspiration to them.

A large part of my humility comes from knowing that I am not owed anything by DDP Yoga; I owe it. If you follow my blog, you have heard this all before, so I have decided to forgo writing out all that DDP Yoga has given me in favor of a handy table (see below). The take-home of this point is that to have met the goals I had at Day 0 alone justifies the time I have committed and the money I have spent on DDP Yoga. Everything else that has happened since is just a dream come true; I dream that I didn’t have the imagination to come up with when I started this journey.

To have come as far as I have is the ultimate blessing. To have the opportunity to pay it forward and inspire people to find their way to health and happiness is, well, I don’t think there’s a word big enough for that, but I am just so grateful.
Thanks DDP!


*Note: All of these achievements have come to fruition!

There’s No Place Like Home

I was on the DDP Yoga Experience Podcast this week1. One of the questions I was asked was whether the website was instrumental in my success. I answered yes. The support, advice and inspiration I have received at has been pivotal to my ability to meet my goals, and to stay motivated as I maintain the weight loss and finding new challenges.

But there’s more to than simple workout tips and nutritional advice that you would find with the the support websites for other workout or weight loss systems. I describe to people in my day-to-day life as being the Facebook for DDP Yoga. But there’s still more to it than that.

The word I was looking for to describe what it really means finally presented itself to me when I completed my 6-minute plank. I told my husband about my achievement, and while he was happy for me, he didn’t fully get why I was so happy about it. I also didn’t want to show him the video of it, because my hair was a mess, I was sweating and shaking, and singing like a deranged banshee. There was one place where I could put out such a video, and know that everyone would get it. The word for such a place is “home”. is home for me. It’s where I feel comfortable being myself. I can show all my failures, I can show my silliness, I can brag when I get something new.

Much like a real family, the people in are genuinely happy for you, with not a single trace of jealousy or pettiness. The support is unconditional and unabating. There’s no need to be embarrassed about posting pictures of yourself in less-than-flattering positions, or to write about weaknesses or shortcomings. Everything you put out on is responded to with love. I have found that makes me a better person. I have found that pettiness or jealousy that I would expect to experience is completely absent when I am cheering a fellow teammate on when they are accomplishing something that I am yet to achieve.

So, thank you to all my friends and family. This journey would be nothing without you.

DDP Radio 4

1Please support our fellow by subscribing to his podcast and rating it. Also, give it a good rating because it’s a really great podcast!

Inspired, the YouTube Clip!

I’m a bit of a Luddite when it comes to YouTubing, so it took me a while to discover, but the video I posted about my first 90 days with DDP Yoga has garnered some impressive attention. One Arthur Boorman left a comment for me. The Arthur Boorman! He said “Wonderful”.  It may have only been a single word, but that single word meant the world to me. It meant the world because Arthur Boorman is the reason I started this journey.

If you haven’t seen this already, where have you been?

The first time I watched this clip I was sobbing so loud that my husband came to see if I was okay. The next time I watched it was about 3 minutes after the first time. I posted it on Facebook, I emailed it to friends, I shared it every way to everyone I could think of. I was truly moved by it. I couldn’t believe the scale of his transformation. I have fallen for bogus before and after pictures before, but a change like this couldn’t be faked. I didn’t need to lose as much weight as Arthur, nor were my knees damaged to the same extent, but I had the exact same feeling of hopelessness. Seeing someone achieve more than I needed to achieve made me start to be believe I may have finally found something genuine, something real amongst the mountains of get-thin-quick scams and infomercials. I stayed at the watching-the-Arthur-video phase for a lot longer than I should have. I don’t remember what finally made me pull the trigger, but I wish I’d done it sooner. For my health, my happiness, and my figure, it was the best decision I have ever made.

And now it seems things have come full circle, albeit on a much smaller scale. My video has been posted a couple of times on the DDP Yoga Facebook page, as well as on my own Facebook page, here, and on at the website. I have received a number of comments from people saying that I have inspired them. One DDP Yoga newbie contacted me via Facebook to ask me for nutritional advice, and a friend of a friend pumped me for information on DDP Yoga and dieting tips when we met. Both she and my friend both practice DDP Yoga now.

It seems surreal to me that I am inspiring anyone. It was only 4 months ago that I was 192 lbs (overweight), depressed, suffering with bad knees, and overeating in both a caloric and psychological sense. It’s so strange to me that anyone wants my advice because it many respects I am still the person who was capable of losing control and becoming overweight; I still battle my sweet tooth and my inability to control my portions. I probably always will. I am beginning to see that having flaws is okay, as long as you come up with systems to work around them. For me, it’s logging every morsel of food – even the ones I don’t want to admit to – into MyFitnessPal. Doing that, along with following the DDP Yoga nutrition plan has helped me remove all unhealthy food from my diet and eat the correct amount number of calories to maintain my new weight. For instance, I may eat way too much peanut butter, but it’s organic, single ingredient peanut butter, and I don’t go over the 2020 cals/day MyFitnessPal says I should be eating. Perhaps the people I look up to have flaws they still struggle with too. Apart from DDP, of course; gods don’t have flaws!

And if you want to see Arthur’s comment, it’s under this clip on the YouTube page:

Never Meet Your Idol, Unless Your Idol is DDP!

DDP phoned me!

I can’t believe DDP phoned me, but having checked the “recents” list on my phone about a thousand times, I am beginning to realize it is true. Boy, was I starstruck! I was packing food into the diaper bag for a daytrip, and running around after my toddler when the phone rang. I answered it and heard, “Hi, this is DDP,” on the other end. The first words out of my mouth were, “Oh my god!” He must get that a lot, because he chuckled! We had a nice conversation about my progress and he told me I had done well, and to call him if I needed any help. I had a smile from ear-to-ear all day!

This whole exchange reminded me of an equivalent, yet very different, experience I had with the on screen instructors of The Firm. In the run-up to my wedding back in 2009, I worked out every day trying to get my post-thesis body into a passable shape; it was that or fire the wedding photographer! I lost a little under 10 lbs, and got an okay tone in my shoulders and arms. The results were nothing compared to what DDP Yoga has done for my weight loss or muscle tone, but as I hadn’t discovered DDP Yoga at that point, 10 lbs and not jiggling like a bowl of jelly was a pretty good achievement in my mind, even if it meant pounding my knees to the point of not being able to walk without pain, so I decided to write them a letter expressing my gratitude. I found two of the instructors on Facebook through The Firm’s page, and sent them a private message. Much to my disappointment, I didn’t hear a word back from them. I talked to my friend who also did The Firm, and she made the very keen observation that The Firm charges a subscription for its online forum, and the instructors may be forbidden from talking to customers outside of that context. I realized that was exactly what had happened. The experience left me feeling embarrassed and feeling a little cheap. I felt as if The Firm only cared about me in so far as what money they could get out of me, and if I wasn’t willing to buy more products from them, I was out on my own.

That’s not who DDP is, or how DDP Yoga treats people. I have found a home at, and I know DDP truly and genuinely cares about the people who are doing DDP Yoga. He has devised an amazing system, and he seems to be doing anything he can to bring it to people who will have better lives because of it. He’s such an inspiration, both as a person and yoga guru!